This past Saturday was a truly thrilling and enjoyable experience for the participants who took part in a Pilates reformer session at The Flow Studio. The group included both patients and staff members from SPINEPLUS, all of whom were trying this type of workout for the first time. Organised in honor of Mother’s Day, the session provided an exceptional opportunity for mothers, daughters, sisters, and best friends to treat themselves to a truly special experience.


The event began with a brief introduction to the pilates reformer and its benefits, followed by a demonstration by the instructor. The participants were then asked to gather around the reformer machines and begin their sessions. The instructor was on hand to provide guidance and support as the participants navigated their way through the exercises.

For most of the participants, this was their first time trying out a pilates reformer, and they found it to be both tiring and fun. The exercises were challenging but achievable and the instructor made sure that everyone was comfortable as well as safe throughout the session. The participants were also happy to have shared the experience with their loved ones, adding to the fun and excitement of the day.


The event provided a much-needed chance for loved ones to bond and indulge in self-care together. As the session came to an end, the participants left feeling revitalized, energized and grateful for the opportunity to share this special moment with one another. The event was a huge success, not only in terms of brand awareness but also in providing a unique and enjoyable experience for the participants. It was heartening to see the positive impact that such events can have on the community, bringing people together and encouraging healthy lifestyles. The pilates reformer session was a perfect way to celebrate Mother’s Day, and the participants left with memories that would last a lifetime!

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